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The mission Statement of Lincoln County School District #2 is Success at The Next Level.  The Mission of SVMS is to provide a middle school experience that prepares students for the next level, both academically and socially.

Star Valley Middle School has a proven middle school model of education that includes grade level teams, which allow teachers to work together to meet the needs of every student. SVMS also provides programs such as STARS to enhance academic success, programs such as CLASSY to enhance social success, and sports programs that teach students the important values of respect, responsibility, fairness and discipline.

We believe that Star Valley Middle School is an exceptional place where students are provided with challenges and opportunities that prepare them for the next level. Our school provides an environment that nurtures and supports young people. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments and celebrate their successes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Burch or Mr. Haderlie at the following numbers:
Principal Burch 307 887-2015
Vice Principal Haderlie 307 248-1433

What's Happening

In April, Mr. Cazier had the opportunity to visit Kawaba Junior High School in Kawaba, Japan.  He also visited with the mayor of Kawaba, and the superintendent.  Kawaba Junior High School is a sister-school to SVMS.  We are honored to be associated with Kawaba.  They are using Be CLASSY in the school, and in the community of Kawaba. "What a wonderful opportunity as we share ideas, and work together to strengthen the world," said Mr. Cazier.

For the last 20 years, middle school students from Kawaba, Japan have visited Star Valley.  In the summer of 2014, the mayor of Kawaba traveled to Star Valley where he planted a friendship tree at Star Valley Middle School. While in Star Valley, the mayor learned about the Be CLASSY! program at SVMS.  He took the program information back to his community.

                                  SVMS RECEIVES NATIONAL AWARD


SVMS was awarded the 2012 Promising Practices Award by the Character Education Partnership.  The CEP represents schools and districts in the United States as well as Canada, China, India, Mexico, and New Zealand.  Be CLASSY! is an anti-bullying program created by Mr. Kem Cazier which exemplifies one or more of the CEP's eleven principles.  Only 262 awards were given in six countries.  SVMS is one of seven schools west of the Mississippi River to receive this honor!  This is the second Promising Practices Award SVMS has received. 


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